Clark Howard Show Notes – Black Friday 2009

Happy Thanksgiving. It looks like there were some good deals to be had, but a lot of shoppers felt disappointed with their Black Friday loot. Shoppers waited in line from 2:30am at WalMart, only to find that the store only had 14 $200 laptops and were sold out almost instantly.

The good news is that the deals aren’t over yet – and there are more deals to come. Cyber Monday is this Monday, November 30, 2009, and you can find out more about the deals at

Crystal’s Leftover Mashed Potato Pancake Recipe

Take mashed potatoes and add milk until it is slightly thinner. Add one egg, beaten. The potatoes should be thick enough to form patties. Dredge in flour and flatten.

Cook in skillet with a small amount of oil until browned.

Crystal says: “Excellent with breakfast…”

Are You In Loan Modification Hell? Here’s How To Find The Company CEO:

Go to Yahoo Finance and click on the investing button at the top. When you get to the investing home page, find the search box and type in the name of the company in the “Get Quotes” search box.

On the left navigation (blue bar on the left side of the page) look for Company and then choose profile.

Under Profile will be the company headquarters. Middle of the page, on the right, will be Key Executives. You should address your letter to the President and CEO of the company.

Write a letter like this one and send it to the CEO.

Send it overnight, or some way you can get a return receipt. Let me know what happens.

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We created five new ebooks that together provide you with more than 100 pages of important, money-saving information about investing successful in real estate. here are the five topics:

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  4. Finding Great Tenants And Profitably Managing Real Estate Investments. If you don’t have good tenants, you’ll wind up with losing money with your real estate investment – or perhaps destroying your credit. This ebook tells you how to find great tenants, how to price your unit to rent, and how to manage your property effectively and efficiently.
  5. The Successful Real Estate Investors Guide: Top Tax Tips. Investing successfully means you’ve got to keep your expenses low. That means, watch what you pay in taxes. This book walks you through the major tax areas you’ll encounter with real estate investing.

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We had a call today from someone who wants to buy a foreclosure, but is concerned about buying a property in “as is” condition. While only a professional home inspector or a good contractor can tell you exactly what is wrong with a property, you can train yourself to look for red flags along the way.

On my ExpertRealEstateTips.Net website, you can find ALL of my videos by category. Just look on the left navigation bar to find Inspections, and then click through to see all of my home inspection videos. You’ll watch a professional home inspection walk you through various parts of the house.

On, we also have our Home Inspection topic page, where you can start your search for some great advice on home inspection and inspecting your future home purchase.