Ilyce Glink is filling in for Herman Cain tonight

The Herminator is in Las Vegas, but he’ll be calling in at the top of the show to discuss the weekend passage of health care reform in the house, and what might happen in the Senate. Do you agree with health care reform? Do you think we need our health care system reformed?

Join Herman Cain at 7:07 for his take on Health Care Reform. Then, at 7:23pm, find out what Ilyce Glink thinks about Health Care Reform.

Herman Cain Listeners: What Are You Doing Saturday, March 27, 2010?

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How will health care reform affect you?

The Washington Post put up this health care reform interactive link that allows you to enter in some of your specifics and will then tell you how you’ll be affected by health care reform.

Is it completely true? I don’t think anyone knows just yet. But, it’s fun to play with it.

Do you qualify for a home buyer tax credit?

Here’s a terrific website that will walk you through 10 questions and let you know whether you’re qualified for the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit or the $6,500 long-term homeowner tax credit.

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