What are YOU doing on March 27, 2010?

Learn how to invest your money right now – and enjoy profits, safety and security going forward

The worst economy in decades has been followed by an incredible 60 percent bounce in the stock market. Some economists are predicting we’ll have a double-dip recession while others think the worst is behind us. Most investors are scratching their heads, wondering “What’s next?”

Will the economy move forward?
Will it fall back into recession?
Will the stock market move forward or retest market lows?
Should you play it safer or take on more risk?

For our next event,

How To Invest Your Money In 2010 — click here for tickets

we’ll bring together the best local investment advisors, financial planners, tax experts and successful investors.

Location: Gwinnett Center, Duluth, GA

Registration opens at 8:00am

Program begins at 9:00am through 5:00pm

How To Invest Your Money in 2010 Schedule for the Day

If you have questions about how to invest your money right now, and want answers from top quality professionals with NO OBLIGATION, then save March 27, 2010 because you won’t want to miss this event.

Together, we’ll explore this new world of investing. We’ll look at short-term and long-term investments, retirement savings and your child’s college education fund. We’ll look at stocks, bonds, ETFs, real estate investing and the biggest mistakes investors make.

So plan to join me on March 27, 2010 for my event:

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The ticket window is open. You can also purchase a VIP ticket, or a special package of ebooks we’re creating especially for this event.

You’ll have access to some of the best investing minds in Atlanta – without any obligation on your part. They’re there to answer YOUR questions!

You’ll have face-to-face time with our experts and will be able to get answers to your own investing questions. So join us March 27, 2010 for How To Invest Your Money In 2010.

And come back often. As we hammer out the details of the event, we’ll post them here and at our Real World Seminars website.

What Did Our Attendees Think of Ilyce Glink’s Makeover Your Money?

“It was superb!”

“I loved that you could talk one on one with the speakers.”

“I felt it was very well organized. Ilyce is a wonderful hostess and an incredibly sharp human being.”

“I wish the ‘Financing & Foreclosure’ session would have covered buying a foreclosure.”

“The personal question and answer period with the guest speakers was the best.”

“Format seems to work very well for a group this size.”

“Ilyce was available before and after the formal presentations – very nice touch.”

“I’d like to have seen more vendor participation. I like the fact that the vendors didn’t come across as a ‘salesman’s agenda’, marketing for more clients. Education is the best prelude to the sales opportunity. Build on it appropriately, and they will come to you instinctively!”

“The smaller venue allowed the guests to make personal inquiries after the panels’ presentations.”

“I found value in all the sessions.”

“Even the session I liked the least I got something out of it. That speaks well for all the speakers that were there.”

“It’s hard to rank these as they were all excellent.”

“I am happy I did not have to pay for parking.”

“The room was large and open, the parking was excellent, and it was easy to find the event.”

“The panels were all great and informative and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions. Could not have been better organized.”

“I came to learn and I enjoyed it.”

“Fantastic value!!!”

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