Ilyce’s latest event “How To Invest Your Money in 2010” took place on March 27th in Atlanta. We just received feedback from our guests who agreed the event was a success. They felt the event and its panel of experts offered a perspective on where the economy was heading. Guests also learned of a few investment ideas and got the names of knowledgeable experts. We want to thank everyone for coming and are glad you enjoyed yourself. Be on the lookout for events to come!

Here are some more comments from participants in the “How To Invest Your Money in 2010” event:

  • I liked the way Ilyce kept the panelists on task and the way she asked questions – in a way that audience members could understand.
  • I especially appreciated the after-hours real estate investing portion, which provided clear information on the current market without the news media hype.
  • It was very helpful to get different views of approaching the investing process.
  • I appreciate the ability to have access to people that are very knowledgeable in the field.
  • [The event was an] excellent value. Good way to preview professionals in one concentrated time and place.
  • Moderators did nice job of picking and asking pertinent questions and keeping good flow of topics.There was some depth and specificity to some of the information, it was not all just general and superficial

In addition to that great feedback, one of Ilyce’s Twitter friends was kind enough to write a review for her new book “Buy, Close, Move In!”
Here are some excerpts of the review by Frances Flynn Thorsen:

“BUY, CLOSE, MOVE IN!” fills a void on book store reading shelves in a market where extreme changes in lending culture render most real estate “how-to” books uselessly dated. Glink brilliantly mixes the right measure of longstanding good real estate sense with sound advice about dealing with new demands on the buying public.

It’s time to clear the shelves of outdated get-rich-quick real estate books and dusty infomercial CDs. Glink’s book promises to show readers “How to Navigate the New World of Real Estate – Safety and Profitably – and End Up with the Home of Your Dreams.”

Glink’s advice for new age investors mirrors sage real estate advice of the last 20 years. Consumers will appreciate comprehensive discussion of the home buying process – setting a bar for expectation, negotiation strategies with sellers and with banks, choosing a real estate professional with savvy in niche markets, shopping for mortgage financing. At each juncture, Glink offers a range of choices for custom tailoring a real estate team and plan, honoring the notion that real estate is not a one-size-fits-all financial solution.

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