The Ilyce Glink Show – April 25, 2010

This Week’s News:

1. Sales of new homes rocketed up 27 percent in March. This was the largest monthly gain in nearly five decades, according to the commerce department. Sales jumped to an annualized rate of 411,000 homes sold, reversing February’s record low and exceeding the expectation of many experts. Sales were up 24 percent from March 2009, although they’re far below the peak in mid-2005. The big question is how much of this is due to the coming expiration of the home buyer tax credit?

2. Regulators closed seven banks in Illinois. The total number of bank failures has reached 57.

This Week’s Calls:

Aaron owns a tract of land with his Dad worth $100,000. He wants to know what would happen if his Dad dies.

Meg is trying to get rid of a $150 medical bill that was supposed to be paid by insurance but never was. It’s on her credit report and she wants to clean it up and have it go away. She’s getting called by creditors.

Bob called to say thanks. He read my tips online about how to interview a Realtor (I have a lot of that information, and more, in my new book, **Buy, Close, Move In!. It went well and he bought a house. He fixed it up and it’s ready to move in. He has an offer coming in and wants to know how to negotiate it.

George wants to refinance his house and is talking to real estate mortgage company out of town. Should he use an out-of-town lender to refinance?

We also had calls about qualifying for the tax credit, short sales, converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, and whether a woman still has any ownership rights in a house that has been twice foreclosed.

Tune in to hear all of these questions and my complete answers. Or listen online to the podcast.


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