Equifax insurance expert Linda Rey
Insurance. It’s pretty much all I’ve known since 1985, when my dad traded dollars for the time I spent assisting him at his seven-year-old insurance business.

He paid my college tuition, and I helped out in the office, using carbon copy forms printed via typewriter and sending correspondence via certified mail to guarantee effective dates for insurance policies. I learned the meaning of “New York hustle” at this job, which required me to be at the post office by 5 p.m. sharp.

My hard work paid off, and I had the good fortune of landing a job in Atlanta in 1990 from a referral from the New York corporate offices of Swiss Reinsurance. I ended up at a reinsurance corporation in the Ocean Marine Department. Instead of cars, I was insuring yachts, among other marine-related risks. This experience provided me the knowledge to analyze risks, communicate with clients, and enhance my marketing skills.

I stayed in Atlanta until mid-1999, when I returned to New York to be with my family and work in the family business with my sister, Laura. Having all of us involved was an exciting prospect for our family, and we started to make the business grow. As we added team members, we became more involved in the community.

When Rey Insurance joined the Sleepy Hollow Chamber of Commerce in 1999, we were awarded Outstanding Member of Year. Largely thanks to the hard work put in by my sister and other members of the Rey Insurance team, in 2006, I was named the Emerging Leader by the American Association of University Women (AAUW); the year before that, I was happy to accept the Business Woman of the Year award from the Westchester Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Rey Insurance’s tagline is “It’s our policy to treat you like family™,” and that’s what I hope to do with this blog. I want to share my experiences of working in today’s chaotic insurance world and give you real answers to your insurance-related questions.

I’ve been in this business for 25 years, and I hope to help you save money and find the best possible insurance solutions for you by clearing up some of the mystery in the insurance world.
Since our company offers a comprehensive range of insurance products, from homeowners to health to business to boats, I’ve helped our clients work through a wide variety of insurance issues. Often, people buy their insurance policies from different companies. You might think you’re getting the best deal, but in this blog, I’ll explain why that it doesn’t always work out that way.

This blog will be a place where I share stories (if it has to do with insurance, I’ve probably seen it!), answer your questions, and try to give advice on how to best address your insurance needs. Insurance is a very personal thing, and one solution can’t possibly be right for everyone.

Let’s make this a conversation. I want to hear from you. Share your questions and concerns. Tell me what’s going on in your life, and we’ll make this a place to find answers.

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