Ilyce Glink talks with Tess Vigeland on American Public Media’s “Marketplace Money” in June 18th’s “Getting Personal” segment from the Thompson Center. She describes how the economy is affecting the people on “Main Street,” with effects including long-term unemployment and opting for jobs that offer half the financial income an employee once earned. Ilyce admits that the days of a one-job, one-career employment situation is over for now, and that individuals are worried that the jobs they once had will not return any time soon.

Throughout the show, Ilyce Glink answers questions from passers-by about the current job market. The questioners brought up topics about taking pay cuts in order to secure employment after losing a previous job, finding places to look for jobs, how to stay in the job market game, and how to market yourself online. Glink advises listeners to stay in the job hunt game by going through the phone book to find potential employers in your field, visiting potential employers’ businesses, networking with individuals who already have the job you desire, both online via Twitter and LinkedIn and in person, and apply and interview for as many jobs as you can find. Glink suggests that individuals go to their training program, college or university’s career services or alumni groups to network for potential jobs. Investing in yourself by seeking higher education can also result in a good payoff in landing jobs and securing an increased income. In today’s job market economy, with 10-15 million people applying for jobs and an average of 6 people applying for each job opening, individuals need to stand out and invent opportunities for themselves to find and land jobs.

Listen to the show here: Getting Personal with Ilyce Glink