Ilyce Glink talks on Business Insanity Talk Radio About New Book

Ilyce Glink talks with Barry Moltz of Business Insanity Talk Radio on his June 18th podcast about business books that make great summer reads. Ilyce Glink highlights how her new book “Buy, Close, Move In!: How to Navigate the New World of Real Estate–Safely and Profitably–and End Up with the Home of Your Dreams” gives great advice for small business owners. Small businesses that are doing well financially can look into purchasing commercial real estate as a company investment. With the low real estate prices of today’s economy, small businesses can pick up inexpensive property for their business, especially when picking up foreclosed property.

Ilyce Glink notes that there is a major difference between the value of commercial real estate and personal real estate. Commercial real estate is valued at its replacement value (which is currently ignored by most banks) and the income value generated by the property. Ilyce Glink also mentions that banks are currently leaning away from giving loans for commercial real estate except in special circumstances in which a buyer can pay a hefty down payment in cash. As an alternative, Ilyce Glink suggests that potential buyers look for property that is already owned by its seller, who can hopefully offer financing on the property.

In order to garner the best deal for commercial property, Ilyce Glink suggests that potential buyers build a team of a real estate agent or broker, an accountant, a mortgage lender and a property inspector. This team can help a potential buyer find good property, make a good offer, and find a way to pay for the real estate.

Ilyce Glink also mentions her new blog at the Equifax Personal Finance Blog and notes how its products can help protect a small business’ identity and credit from fraud and identity theft. By checking annual credit reports, one can monitor credit activity and catch potential fraud.

To improve credit scores and help businesses secure loans for commercial property, Ilyce Glink advises small businesses to monitor their credit activity and resolve any errors. In addition, if an individual or company reaches a dispute with a credit card company, she advises that the individual or business pay for the charge on time, in order to save their credit score and avoid late fees, and work with the credit card company to resolve the dispute. Credit card companies will refund any incorrect charges.

Ilyce Glink appeared on the show as one of five authors promoting their business books. Other authors on the show include: Sally Hogshead, Jeffrey Fox, Bob Burg and Rich Gallagher.

Listen to the show here: Business Insanity Radio.