Q: I am looking for a house and want to know how to find a buyer’s agent that is experienced in short sales and has had good success with them.

A: Short sales have become increasingly common recently, but the listing broker or the closing agent or the closing attorney are the individuals that will be pushing the paperwork to get the closing done.

If you were selling a short sale property, you would want to make sure you have a person that knows what paperwork has to be sent to the lenders and is willing to keep in constant contact with the lender to make sure they approve the short sale.

When you are buying a short sale, you may find that your real estate agent’s role is key in finding the right property for you and getting you a great deal. But, your agent’s role may be diminished once the contract is completed and the paperwork has been sent to the lender.

If your real estate agent will be handling the paperwork with the short sale lender, then you need a great real estate agent that can get you the best deal possible and can work with the short sale lender to get the deal approved.

To find a great agent, start by calling around to the top real estate companies in your area that seem to represent a lot of the short sales that are on the market.

Ask the managing broker to recommend an agent who works those areas and has a lot of experience with short sales.

Then, you’ll have to do your homework, interviewing the agents and asking for their resumes.

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