Clark Howard Show Notes – July 19, 2010

How To Profit From Foreclosures and Other Real Estate Investments

The ticket window is open for our latest event: How To Profit From Foreclosures and Other Real Estate Investments which will be held on October 2, 2010 at the
Renaissance Waverly.

The EARLY BIRD ticket price is now available – but it won’t be here for long. Right now, you can buy a ticket at the early bird price of $35. There are no other discounts. This is the lowest price you’ll pay for a ticket to this event. After the early bird window closes, the price for these tickets will go up.

Wondering if it’s worthwhile to attend the event? Wondering if you’ll get your money’s worth. Here’s what past attendees say about ThinkGlink/RealWorldSeminars events.

Here’s the current schedule of events:

8a Registration
9a Welcome from Ilyce Glink
9:15a Session I – Success Stories

Real estate investor and bestselling author Andy Heller presents his lease/option strategy for real estate investing success

10a to 10:15a Break – Visit with our Sponsors and Speakers

10:15a Session II – How to buy foreclosed commercial real estate

Our panelists walk you through how to find, value and negotiate for office buildings, strip centers, warehouses and other commercial real estate properties.

11:30a Session III – Hot Vacation Home Investments


12:30p to 1:30 Lunch Break and Keynote: What’s New in HUD Homes?

Eat while you listen to PEMCO spokesperson Shannon Judd as she walks us through what’s new in HUD home sales.

(Food available for purchase at the hotel. Judd’s talk will start at approx. 1p)

1:45p to 2:30 Session IV – Financing Your Real Estate Investment

Mike Rose, of Wells Fargo, joins other top lenders to guide you through the New World of financing your investment real estate

2:30 to 3:15 Session V – Tax and Legal Consequences of Investing in Real Estate

Bring your questions, as our tax experts and real estate lawyers face share what you need to know and the latest legislative changes


What’s going on with the stock market? Top financial planners provide you with their insights into today’s equities markets and what you can do to protect yourself.

(schedule subject to change)


Today on the Clark Howard Show

Taylor Bean & Whitaker continues to be a problem for some WSB listeners

Debbie called the show today. She had a loan with Taylor Bean & Whitaker and that loan was sold to one of the big box lenders. The lender claims she missed a payment a year ago, even though they have the paperwork that she made that payment. They haven’t reported her as late, but they’re charging up the late fees.

I told Debbie to contact the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance or call (770) 986-1633. The Georgia Dept. of Banking and Finance has been staying on top of the Taylor Bean & Whitaker mess. She should file a complaint with them and ask for their help in contacting her new lender to get this straightened out.

She might also want to circumvent all of the customer service reps and contact the Director of Operations at the lender’s corporate headquarters. She’ll probably get the administrative assistance, but I’d ask him or her for some help. This should be a problem that’s readily fixable. Have your paper trail ready to go, because you’ll be asked to prove that the payment was received.

Are you paying too much for homeowners insurance?

If your homeowners insurance premium has doubled in the past couple of years, it might be time to shop around again. Here’s a great story on the Equifax Personal Finance Blog about homeowners insurance and what your policy should have.

Trying to save for a down payment? You might not need as much as you think.

The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a low down payment program that allows you to put down $100 for a HUD home.

Wondering where to invest your retirement cash? Check out what investment advisor and best-selling author Dan Solin thinks

Dan has written a bunch of interesting posts for the Equifax Personal Finance Blog about investing and how to break out your investment. Check out his ideas for diversifying and optimizing your investments and retirement portfolio here.

What’s in your wallet?

Dave wanted some help figuring out how to pick his next credit card. He likes affinity cards because they give you something for nothing, but you have to think carefully about whether cash is king, or you want airline miles, free gas, or dollars into an investment account. Clark likes the site and I also like and as places to go to get great information about credit card programs and what you need to know to make a smart move.