Ilyce Glink Show Notes – July 25, 2010

Loan Modification Hell – Continues and How To File an Appeal with the OCC

The government’s loan modification programs aren’t working all that well. If you get denied a loan modification, you can appeal through the OCC’s You can file a complaint about your bank on this page.

In the box, be sure to write that you’re on the verge of foreclosure, or if you’ve been given a date by which you have to be out of your house, put that date down and request an immediate appeal. You’ll receive a case number (SAVE THIS!) and you’ll need that number to refer to your case when you call to discuss your appeal. Also, appeals can take 30 days but can also last up to 90 days. Stay in touch with the OCC and make sure you write that your foreclosure is imminent.

Lauren called the show this morning to say that her buyer had the foreclosure that was under contract and within a couple of weeks of closing pulled off the market. What happened? Someone either foreclosed by mistake, or there was a last-minute loan modification. These kinds of things happen and it’s heart-wrenching for everyone all around.

Beware, buyers. This can happen to you. And, there’s nothing you can do for it.


Loan Modification Hell: New solutions to avoid losing your home

How To Profit From Foreclosures and Other Real Estate Investments

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