Ilyce Glink Show Notes – August 1, 2010

Foreclosure, Loan Modification Hell, Economic Security Index, Refinancing

How To Profit From Foreclosures and Other Real Estate Investments

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Heather called the show today. She said she and her husband wanted to buy a house and were told that they could afford up to a $150,000 mortgage. But they didn’t know if they could afford it. There are so many things that go into affordability: mortgage, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, upkeep, etc. I told Heather to start by figuring out where she and her husband spend their money each month and work from there.

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More Americans Are Financial Insecure After The Great Recession

The Rockefeller Foundation recently released its latest Economic Security Index. The Index found that 20 percent of Americans have seen their income fall 25 percent or more, usually from a combination of lower income and less generous benefits – in other words, as their real income has declined, their share of health care costs is rising. This is the highest percentage of economically insecure Americans over the last few recessions.

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75% of Nation’s Top Metro Areas Posted an Increase in Foreclosure Numbers

RealtyTrac announced foreclosure numbers for the first half of 2010 this week, and the numbers are grim.

Seventy-five percent of the nation’s top metro areas posted an increase in foreclosure numbers. The numbers are awful: there were 1.654 million foreclosures in the first half of 2010, up 8.3 percent from 2009.

RealtyTrac says two things are going on: First, the number of foreclosures in the second quarter is slowing because lenders are doing more short sales and loan modifications. Second, lenders are clearing out the backlog of foreclosures from 2009.

“While we’re seeing early signs that foreclosure activity may have peaked in some of the hardest-hit markets, foreclosures continued to rise in three-quarters of the nation’s metropolitan areas in the first half of the year,” said James J. Saccacio, chief executive officer of RealtyTrac. “The fragile stability achieved in many local housing markets hinges on improvements in the underlying economy, specifically job growth. If unemployment remains persistently high and foreclosure prevention efforts only delay the inevitable, then we could continue to see increased foreclosure activity and a corresponding weakness in home prices in many metro areas.”

Bottomline: Georgia is 6th Worst in U.S. for Foreclosures; Atlanta is 7th Worst

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