Unemployment Rate Jumped to 9.8 Percent in November.

Unemployment rate jumped to 9.8 percent this week, as the number of actual jobs created came in far below expectations. The U-6, which is the broadest measure of unemployment, including people who are both unemployed and under-employed, is at 17 percent.

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Georgia Retirement Exclusion

If you’re 62 or older with earned or unearned income, can take advantage of the GRE which should be Georgia Seniors Exclusion. First $4,000 of earned income not taxed at Georgia level and up to $35,000 of other income isn’t taxed. Enhanced one that kicks in 2012, with an exclusion of $65,000 income and floats up to 2016 where an unlimited amount of income not taxed at state level. Except if working, then only $4,000 is excluded. It’s Retirement Income.

Talking Tax and Answering Your Tax Questions on the Ilyce Glink Show

Bill Nemeth, President
Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents

Chet Burgess, Executive Director
Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents

Merry Brodie, CPA, Enrolled Agent
Tax Doctor, Inc./Jackson Hewitt

Your Tax Questions Answered

Cindy wants to sell stock and has gains and losses. How can she use the losses to offset the gains and what are the limits?

Steve has three small IRAs totaling $16,000. Should he convert them to Roth IRAs?

Melissa has a Roth 401k and regular 401k. What are the limits for contributing to each?

John Withdrawing from Georgia Peachtree Retirement. Wants to pay off the last 5 years of his 15-year loan to free up $1,500 per month. What should he think about when withdrawing cash?

Matt is starting a business. Should he officially start the business in December 2010 or January 2011? Also, what kind of retirement plans can he take advantage of if his regular wages are 1099?

John Questions about tax deductions: nursing home, college tuition and expenses, and starting a business. If he has expenses in 2010 but doesn’t earn any money until 2011, should he deduct the expenses this year? Bill says, it all comes down to intent.

Milton and his wife are separated. He’s wondering who should file as head of household. His wife has custody of the kids and lives in a separate state.

Ray’s mom died 3 weeks ago. She lived in California, had property in Colorado, and had a religious ceremony with a stepfather but not sure if she was legally married. Who does he need to talk to to get the estate in order?

Billy remet his highschool sweet heart (they both grew up in Columbia) and married 28 years later. She is living in Canada. He’s in Atlanta. He’s going back and forth with the INS and has a tax situation – how can he file so he pays as little in tax as possible?

There were other great tax questions on the show. We’ll post the show in a couple of days, and you can listen to all of the questions and the answers our tax experts provided.


Bill Nemeth, Merry Brodie, and Chet Burgess will be on hand for another live tax show on December 19th. Come and spend Christmas week with us as we talk tax on the Ilyce Glink Show.


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