Today on the Ilyce Glink Show – January 16, 2010

Royal Marshall Tribute on the Ilyce Glink WSB Show

It was stunning to find out yesterday morning that Royal Marshall, WSB talk show host, sidekick to Neil Boortz, loving husband and father, and Deacon at his church, passed away at 1:00am Saturday morning. What a huge loss for the station. We will all miss Royal so much. Instead of a traditional show, we did a tribute show to Royal.

I’ve included a few of the comments listeners were generous enough to share. I can’t put them all down exactly, but in a few days, we’ll get the show from WSB and will upload it to the site so you can listen to it if you like.

In the meantime, go to and leave your comments and thoughts on the story about Royal’s life. he did so much for everyone.

Tony I just found out yesterday. I got into radio 3 years ago and he helped me. I’ve known him all my life. I send condolences to his family. He was 43, just 3 years older than me.

Trey Tony took words out of my mouth. I remember when Neal couldn’t remember any facts. Royal had him every time. Amazing guy.

Hal The Royal Treatment was a wonderful show. I called in about a controversial subject and he was comfortable to talk with, and a compassionate listener. We didn’t agree, but we could talk about it.

Willis I was so moved when he talked about being a father. Years ago, I called the Royal Treatment show to talk about my brother who got his girlfriend pregnant and then left her to go to work on an oil rig. Royal was incensed. He said I should talk to my brother and tell him he was missing an opportunity not only to be a good boyfriend and father but a role model in the community. My brother wound up going back 3 months later, and marrying his girlfriend.

Ken I loved Royal T.

Mike I met him at a remote. I loved hearing him substitute for Neil before Herman.

Nan I never met him in person. But I would have loved to have him come out on career day. He was a guy of quality and substance and the best tribute to Royal is for all of us to measure up to his standards.

Helen Two years ago we were going through the sudden loss of Mike Kavanaugh, another icon of WSB. It was especially hard for me. Condolences to everyone and thanks to Royal for gift he gave to all of us.

Avery I loved the royal flush on the Royal Treatment.

Monica I’m a long-time listener of Neil Boortz. Heard news. Some of my family members are part of Ray of Hope (Royal’s church)

Peggy He was such a kind person.

Jerry I just woke up and found out. I saw Royal numerous times at book signings. He gave me great business advice.

Charlotte My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I listened to him for 15 years. He kept Neil grounded. I met him when he was at a Braves game and packing up from a remote and went to get his signature and talk to him. he was so nice.

Lisa I’m crying like I lost a friend. I never met the man. I listened to him on Neil’s show and on his own show. When I turned on radio yesterday, it was like this is happening to my life.

Kevin I thought he was a great talk show host. I liked the politician night. He always had a great comeback to Neil. One day Neil said he couldn’t define Neil and Royal talked about the doctors who didn’t give the full amount of Chemo and kept the money. Not sure why they took him off the air.

Rebecca When you listen for years you become involved with the people on the station and learn about their personalities. They’re part of the family. He was Neil’s right-hand guy. So intelligent. Neil was complaining that he wouldn’t go golfing because he was devoting his life to his family.

Tracy I heard yesterday. It was a complete shock. And let me just say that not everyone can become a Deacon in a church. That meant something.

Chris I just want to chime in and say how much miss him. I really missed the Royal Treatment.

Leonia I remember him and his show. I miss that show. My son is 43 and you just think about it.

Yvette I’ve been listening to him for about 17 years, and I remember when he started at WSB. I just mMet him at wine-tasting event.

Tom I went out to his remotes. We talked a lot. I showed him pictures of the girls I was dating.

Jonathan My story is a little different, but I worked in radio and knew him from a long time ago. Great guy.

Steve Thanks to you and WSB for sharing our thoughts and this time. When you hear someone on the air, you try to picture what they look like and you just knew he was elegant.

Anna thanks for the tribute to Royal Marshall. I know there is a new angel smiling down on us.

Please leave your comments on the blog. I’ll be filling in for Clark Howard tomorrow from 1 to 4.