4 Ways to Make the Claim-Filing Process Easier
By Linda Rey

Sometimes the hardest part of the insurance business is the waiting game. You file a claim, and then you receive a check to cover your claim—right? Anyone who has filed an insurance claim knows it’s not always so easy.

You can do everything right, but sometimes the insurance company takes longer than you would like to verify your claim and issue payment. As an insurance agent, I want to see all my clients receive the coverage they deserve in a timely fashion. Happy clients mean better business for me.

So what can you do to facilitate the claim-filing process?

1. Keep paperwork organized.

Keep all your insurance policies in a secure location, such as a fireproof safe. Note that some policies cannot be scanned and saved to a web-based database. For example, if you’re filing a life insurance claim, you have to submit the original life insurance policy to receive the death benefit.
Always keep proof of your auto insurance in your glove box. Remember to check your renewal policy packet for your updated insurance ID cards. People tend to overlook these when they’re printed on the same paper as the policy.
If you are involved in an auto accident, call the police. Occasionally, people will try to skip filing a claim through their insurance to avoid a cost increase from multiple incidents on their record. The problem is that when the other party doesn’t agree with the estimate or cost of repairs, he may change his mind about paying for the damages.
Without a police report, there is no proof of what happened or who is at fault. It’s probably too late to file a claim with insurance, and then you’re stuck paying for the repairs to your car.3. Collect as much information as possible.
All of your insurance claims will go more smoothly if you provide as much information as possible. For medical claims, make sure your doctor submits all charts and test information. One piece of missing information can delay a claim as the insurance company tries to verify it.Speed up the auto insurance claim process by making sure you have as much information as possible on the other driver. Get her driver’s license number, name, address, and plate number. Request a copy of her vehicle identification card so that you have her insurance company and agent/agency information.4. Take photos and/or video.

I cannot stress this enough. Whether it is an auto accident or an incident involving your home, take photos as soon as you can to show the damage and, if applicable, the cause of the damage. If the insurance company questions your claim, you will have photographic proof, which is hard to dispute.Filing an insurance claim is already a stressful process. Take responsibility for your insurance claim—and make the process easier—by providing all the necessary information. Filing a complete insurance claim means it will be processed efficiently, and you’ll get your money faster.

Linda Rey is a licensed insurance agent at Rey Insurance with a broad spectrum of expertise in life, accident, health, property and casualty insurance as well as retirement planning and college funding strategies.

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