Everyday Money Saving Tips on the Ilyce Glink Show May 29, 2011:

Everyone can take advantage of easy ways to locate extra money in their budget. I am not talking about low hanging fruit, but fruit that is already lying on the ground. With minimal effort, you can unearth some everyday money saving tips that will leave you with hundreds of additional dollars in your family budget each year.

My family and I recently shopped around our cell phone plan and learned that with two teenagers who do nothing but text, we weren’t coming anywhere near our allotted 2000 monthly minutes. So we lowered our group plan to 1500 and just like that, we pocketed 20 additional dollars every bill cycle.

People are still suffering out there. I hear it everywhere I travel. When I give a speech and ask for a show of hands of those who know someone who has been unemployed a year or longer, almost all of them go up. In Phoenix, the epicenter of the real estate catastrophe, I learned that almost no one is buying investment property or refinancing their mortgages.

My callers on this week’s show were more than happy to share their everyday money saving tips. We’re all in this together right? What are some of your budget conservation measures?

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