The Case-Schiller Home Price Indices featured prominently in a June 2, 2011 podcast discussion between CBS MoneyWatch Home Equity blogger Ilyce Glink and Bill Wright of Americana Mortgage Group. The two experts join Jill Schlesinger and Jack Otter on “Ask The Experts” to answer user questions about real estate.

The general consensus of the discussion is that the housing numbers don’t seem to be improving in a real way. Credit is still tough to come by, home values continue to drop and the market is glutted with a huge wave of foreclosures.

What can be done? According to Ilyce Glink, relief must come from the bottom up, starting with jobs. Last week, the unemployment rate inched back up to 9.1 percent, reflecting about 14 million Americans looking for work. A lack of income means low savings, limited funds for a down payment and less access to credit. Without real efforts to improve the unemployment numbers, the housing market will remain in uncertain shape.

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Ask The Experts: Real Estate – Case-Schiller Home Price Indices Discussion