Fourth of July Weekend on the Ilyce Glink Show July 3, 2011:

Happy Fourth of July weekend to my entire listening audience! I’ve just returned from Europe and I’ve got some great information for you if you’re planning a trip to the Continent. Do you know there’s actually a place in Paris where you can still buy a cup of coffee for just one euro?

Money is the topic all over. We talked about the stock market on this week’s show, which went up like the proverbial Fourth of July firework. The Dow Jones rose 168 points on Friday to end at a robust 12,582.

AAA shared some data about the roads this holiday weekend. High prices at the gas pump are keeping people out of their cars, but strangely enough, another mode of transportation is on the rise. Any guesses?

Also, Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of HUD said this week that it’s very unlikely that housing prices will continue to fall. But this might be because he lives in Washington D.C., one of three markets included in the latest S&P Case/Shiller Home Price Index where prices actually rose. I shared my perspective on current housing market conditions and what I think we can reasonably expect.

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