Mortgage News and Air Travel Security with Ilyce Glink on the Clark Howard Show July 6, 2011:

This week, the Justice Department announced that it is suing the nation’s largest mortgage insurance company, and two of its underwriters, alleging discrimination against women on maternity leave.

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) allegedly required women on leave to return to work before they would insure their mortgages.

Also on this week show: it’s the travel season and AAA reported that 39 million Americans were on the road this past Fourth of July weekend. Were you one of them?

With regard to air travel, the TSA has issued a warning that human bomb terrorists might use explosives planted within their bodies to blow up planes. Calling this warning “insight” into recent intelligence, the warning pertains mainly to overseas flights, but even domestically, security personnel and travelers are being advised to take extra precautions.

How does this affect the rest of your summer travel plans?

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