Many of the callers into my radio show express frustration at their inability to get out of debt. Unemployment, high gas prices and a stagnant housing market are keeping many Main Street Americans treading water. In response to these hardships, Wells Fargo announced its 36th free Home Preservation Workshop in Chicago on August 17-18, 2011. The workshop is open to all Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo Financial, Wachovia Mortgage and Wells Fargo Home Equity customers facing financial hardships. If you are interested in registering for Wells Fargo’s Chicago Home Preservation workshop, register online or call 800-405-8067.

Attendees should bring:
-Photo ID
-Mortgage Statement
-A letter explaining your situation
-A list of all assets and expenses
-For each salaried borrower: recent paystubs, W-2s and complete tax returns (all schedules and pages)
-For each self-employed borrower: complete tax returns (all schedules and pages) and the most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss statement

A full document checklist can be found on the Wells Fargo event page.

“During the 35 workshops that we have hosted so far, we have spoken with 23,000 people – the majority of whom have experienced unemployment, under-employment, health issues and other financial struggles that have prevented them from making their payments,” said Mary Coffin, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Servicing. “We more than doubled the number of workshops compared to last year and still have 12 more workshops planned for this year alone.” Below is the current schedule of events.

  • Atlanta, Georgia

September 8-9

Registration Open

  • Boston, Massachusetts

August 24

Registration Open

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

December 15

Registration opens November 14

  • Chicago, Illinois

August 17-18

Registration Open

  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

December 7-8

Registration opens October 31

  • Ft. Meyers, Florida

November 16-17

Registration opens October 10

  • Jacksonville, Florida

November 1-2

Registration opens September 26

  • Kansas City, Missouri

October 11

Registration opens September 6

  • Nashville, Tennessee

September 15

Registration opens August 15

  • Orlando, Florida

September 22-23

Registration opens August 22

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

October 5-6

Registration opens August 29

  • San Antonio, TX

November 9

Registration opens October 3

  • Washington, D.C.

October 20-21

Registration opens September 12