How to Live a Better Life on the Ilyce Glink Show August 28, 2011:

Mortgage interest rates hit new record lows this week. That got me wondering: is this how to live a better life with your money in 2011? Jobs are scarce and uncertain, the stock market is volatile, and civil unrest is evident everywhere from London to Libya. It’s a frightening time for many of us, but for those lucky enough to enjoy a little stability, low interest rates are just one of the many perks available in a market with many homes for sale, but few interested or qualified buyers.

One of my guests on this week’s show, Dan Gjeldum, Senior Mortgage Banker with Mortgage Services III, based in Chicago, called in to discuss the current state of the housing market. As one of the top 125 loan officers loan officers in the nation in 2010, he has some interesting ideas about how to achieve lofty housing aspirations with less money than ever.

And have you seen this site? Richer Life promotes methods for living your “best life” that purport to drive you toward “more money, motivation and meaning.”

Pessimism seems SO early 2011. To that end, one of the nation’s largest banks, Wells Fargo, is sponsoring a Home Preservation Workshop in Atlanta On September 8th and 9th.

All this and as usual, callers ask their real estate and personal finances questions.

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