I recently joined the advisory board for a new company called eCredable.

This company reports credit accounts under the same federal and state guidelines as the national credit bureaus, but the consumer is the one that is in charge of the report. The consumer is the one that selects the accounts that will go into the report that can be generated by eCredable. For people that don’t usually interact with companies that routinely report a consumer’s payment, eCredable allows the consumer to use bills that he or she routinely pays.

These routine and regular bills may be for rental payments, utility payments to electric, gas and water companies, telephone company payments, cell phone company payments, cable or internet provider payments. Many of these ordinary payments may not get sent to credit reporting companies. But with eCredable, the consumer can use these payments to create a payment history.

When payments fall under the radar, those payments aren’t uses in creating a consumer’s credit history. With eCredable, a consumer has another option to help him or her create a credit history and permit the consumer to use those payments for the consumer’s benefit.

After a consumer enters his or her bill payment information, the consumer can instantly estimate hir or her AMP Credit Rating™ using the eCredable Rating Simulator.

The eCredable AMP Credit Rating Simulator™ is a tool to see in advance how your credit history will benefit from participating with eCredable. The consumer enters his or her bill payments and can get a “preliminary” AMP Credit Rating™. ECredable will still need to verify all of those consumer payments, but the consumer can use this information to see how his or her payments can build a credit history.