Q: This isn’t really a question. I just figured that you seldom find out how situations you’re asked about actually turn out, so I want to tell you about mine.

A couple of years ago I asked you if it mattered that my name was spelled wrong every year on my property tax assessment notices. You advised me to keep on trying to get it fixed despite several unsuccessful attempts over the preceding years.

Well I finally got it fixed last Wednesday. I’d put it off because I would have needed to take time off of work, drive to downtown Detroit, pay for expensive downtown parking, and deal with what I assumed would be a sluggish city bureaucracy.

During a break when I was already in the correct building for jury duty, I went to the assessor’s office where the misspelling was fixed on the spot by a sympathetic and funny worker who even printed an amended assessment notice for me to show that the change had been made.

Sometimes things actually work out the way they’re supposed to. Thanks for telling me to keep on trying.

A: All’s well that ends well. Thanks for letting us know how this turned out. It’s nice when it works out as quickly and easily as it did (Thank you, Detroit Assessor’s Office!). The only downside is that you had to worry about it over the course of several years, instead of taking care of it right away.