Greg McBride, Jack Otter, Liz Weston and Fred Glick join me to talk about your money and the economy. And as usual, providing personal finance advice, real estate advice and consumer advice on the Ilyce Glink Show June 24, 2012 on WSB Radio.

My weekly show always contains various forms of personal finance advice but today I have invited four of the smartest people I know to talk about your money and the economy.

We need a little perspective. It’s not enough to look at just our own backyards right now. What could happen over the second half of the year? These four folks have some strong, intelligent opinions:

Greg McBride, Vice President, Senior Financial Analyst at
Greg McBride at

McBride has helped consumers plan for retirement, manage debt and develop appropriate investment strategies. He has 16 years of experience in personal finance and is a wonderful resource.

Jack Otter, Executive Editor of CBS, author of Worth It…Not Worth It?: Simple & Profitable Answers to Life’s Tough Financial Questions

Otter is a financial writer and has tons of worthy experience as a deputy editor of magazines such as the Best Life and Smart Money. He has more over a decade of expertise as a business journalist.

Liz Weston, financial advice columnist, author of The Ten Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy

Weston is an award-winning, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnist who can take almost any complex money topic and make it understandable for the average reader.

Fred Glick, mortgage and real estate expert, Principal of US Loans Mortgage LLC and U S Spaces, Inc.

Fred Glick is a nationally-recognized, award-winning, mortgage and real estate professional, realtor and mortgage broker with many years of experience.

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