Real estate brokers are looking for good homebuyers just as much as homebuyers are looking for good real estate brokers. When a homebuyer is looking to purchase a home, it’s important to practice good home-buying etiquette. For homebuyers to have a good relationship with their real estate brokers, they need to follow several rules of homebuying etiquette that will help these qualities stand out and keep real estate brokers happy and working hard to find the perfect new home.


1. Homebuyers should be honest. Real estate brokers really want to know what homebuyers are looking for in a house, and homebuyers make their jobs harder if they don’t openly share their wants and needs. Homebuyers should let real estate brokers know which features they like and don’t like in a particular home. Real estate brokers use that feedback to find homes homebuyers may like better.

2. Homebuyers should be flexible. They must open their schedules for the showings real estate brokers are able to book, and should be responsive to telephone calls about potential new homes. Having a conversation about schedule availability at the beginning of the process can help homebuyers and real estate brokers start and stay on the same page.

3. Homebuyers should have realistic expectations. This means understanding what kinds of new homes will fall within the budget and the lead time that is needed to book a showing once a potential new home is discovered. A real estate broker may be the best in town, but she’s not a miracle worker. She can’t book a Saturday of showings at the last minute. Give her time to do her job.

4. Homebuyers should be loyal. This means homebuyers should not try to work with two agents at once or switch to a relative at the end just to save some bucks. It is inconsiderate to a real estate broker’s time and energy, and homebuyers never know when they might need a good broker for the next new home search.

By following this homebuyer etiquette, homebuyers and real estate brokers will have a good relationship with each other, which will make the buying process much more pleasant for everyone.

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