There are four key times during new construction when homebuyers should schedule a home inspection to protect their investment. Building a new home does not guarantee that everything will be perfect the first time, and with so much at stake it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Homebuyers can ease some of their concerns by hiring a good home inspector and checking in regularly. It’s not common to hire an inspector for a new construction, but it’s a good idea for homebuyers who want to save time, money and aggravation by correcting mistakes early on.

1. The first time home builders should schedule an inspection is after the foundation is poured. Serious foundation problems like cracks can be expensive or even unfixable down the road, so it’s good to catch them sooner than later.

2. The second inspection should be after the house framing is up. Poor structural design can have serious implications for homes as they get older, and skilled home inspectors know what kinds of problems to look for.

3.  A third inspection appointment should be made once the house is wired for electricity and the plumbing is completed. The electrical and plumbing need to be examined before the home’s drywall goes up.

4. A final  home inspection should happen just before the walls are closed in. This allows the inspector to look through everything one last time and make sure the homebuyer is safe to move forward.

Home inspectors can point out mistakes or shoddy workmanship while the errors can be fixed less expensively and on the builder’s dime. However, since an inspector’s report can cost more than $500 homebuyers should make sure they’ve found the best person for the job. Asking a real estate agent for referrals is a great place to start.

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