Ignoring all the key things to fix when you’re selling your home is the quickest way to scare off prospective buyers. You don’t want cracked tile or leaky faucets to keep you from selling your home at a good price. If you do not fix problems now, they will just come up after the home inspection on the “you need to fix these things before I close on your house” list. Coming up with all the things you need to fix in advance of selling your home could help you attract better offers.

It can be difficult to remember all of the small problems with your house while you’re still living there. After all, you probably deal with them every day and have gotten used to their quirks. Going through and taking an inventory of things to fix is a helpful first step in selling your home. Here are five key items you should be sure to check:

1. All the appliances should work. They don’t have to be new, but they should all function and look presentable.

2. All the faucets should turn correctly, and there should not be any leaks. If there are problems, add them to your list of things to fix or replace.

3. All the windows should be intact and open properly. Make sure to also fix or replace any damaged screens.

4. None of the doors should creak, and they should all open completely. Check the cabinet doors as well to make sure they don’t need to be fixed or updated.

5. Any exterior problems should also be addressed before selling your home. This could include replacing missing roof shingles or repairing your gutters if they’ve come apart.

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