Once you find the best temperature for your home during an open house, potential buyers should feel comfortable and welcome. They should feel as though your home is an inviting and relaxing place to spend their time – and possibly their money. If your home feels too hot or too cold during the open house, it could cost you homebuyers’ time and attention.

The way to find the best temperature for your open house will largely depend on the season and the weather. On a cold day, a homebuyer wants to want to walk into your home and feel warm. If he or she doesn’t immediately feel the heat coming from your radiator or furnace, your house won’t seem as appealing.

The same goes for your home’s air conditioning. On a hot and humid day, you want homebuyers to feel crisp and cool. It also helps them know that your home’s heating and cooling systems are functioning correctly.

The kinds of beverages you serve at your open house could also play a role in helping homebuyers feel they are experiencing the best temperature. On warm days, consider something refreshing like iced tea or lemonade. On colder ones, you might want to serve coffee or hot chocolate.

Be sure to set your home’s thermostat a little higher in the winter and a little lower in the summer than you might be used to during your open house. For example, set it for at least 72 in the winter and at 69 in the summer. You’ll pay a few more dollars but the cost could be worthwhile if it leads to a sale. Remember that making a good first impression is an important part of hosting a successful open house and ultimately selling your home.

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