It’s possible to buy a house with no regrets – if you’re willing to do your homework first.

In a survey conducted in the second quarter of 2014 by Chase Bank, 39 percent of people said they’d choose a house of a different size, different price or even in a different area if they could buy a home all over again. Out of that same group, nine out of 10 people said they felt completely prepared to buy a home before they signed on the dotted line. Clearly hindsight is 20/20.

What was the most common thing folks said they would do differently the second time around? Get smarter about home financing. More than half of the people surveyed said they wished they’d known more about how to make an offer on a home, negotiate with sellers and handle the ins and outs of the closing.

People also said they wished they’d planned better for the maintenance that’s required when you buy a home. For 34 percent of people surveyed, their home maintenance costs were larger than they’d expected. This happens to most first-time homebuyers. You have to remember that owning a home costs more than a mortgage, insurance and taxes.

Once you’ve decided to buy a home, take the time to assess what you really want. How many bedrooms do you need? What’s the most you can afford to spend? Which neighborhoods make the most sense relative to your workplace, family and friends? Start with a list and then research what’s out there. Finding the perfect place to meet your needs may take longer, but it could save you a lot of time, money and regret in the long run.