What’s the outlook on home values from atop Homes.com’s real estate search operation?

And which pets leave the biggest paw print on your home: cats or dogs?

Get answers to these questions by listening to this week’s episode of the Ilyce Glink Show. You can click the audio link below to listen to the full show, or download the podcast via iTunes.

This week, I interview Dave Mele. He just wrapped up his first year as president of Homes.com, so he and I talk about how it went and what his plans and expectations are for the future. There are some major players in the real estate search business, and Homes.com is one of them, so I’ll ask Dave how he hopes to position Homes.com to compete in that marketplace. Then I’ll get the scoop on Homes.com’s Local Market Index, which was just recently released.

After that, I answer a listener question about rental properties. In a condo building, the percentage of units rented out by owners could conceivably affect the financing new home buyers are able to obtain in the community. But what about a community comprised of single family dwellings? Even if it doesn’t affect financing, will a high proportion of renters still have an impact on home values? Check out this segment for my answers.

Then I wrap up this episode with some fun facts about how pets affect the way their owners live. These statistics come from a survey conducted by home remodeling site Houzz.com. More than 3,000 pet owners weighed in on how their cats and dogs affect the way they live. Stay tuned to hear what pet owners said about a variety of pet-related lifestyle questions.


More About This Show

Glinkonomics Report [0:55]
What’s happening to America’s middle class? I offer my observations in this week’s Glinkonomics report.

Dave Mele of Homes.com on Home Values [7:13]
Listen to Dave Mele discuss Homes.com’s Local Market Index, which analyzes home values in markets across the country.

Rentals & Homeowners Association Home Values [21:35]
How do you know when the number of rental properties in a neighborhood is high enough to affect home values? Can the number of rental properties in the community affect a lender’s decision to provide financing to prospective homebuyers? Find out the answers as I address one homeowner’s question.

Cats & Dogs: How Pets Rule Your Home [24:37]
Cats and dogs are a part of many families, so it should come as no surprise that people change the way they live to accommodate their four-legged friends. Listen in to find out how many of the pet owners Houzz.com surveyed made pet-related upgrades to their homes.

For Houzz’s article about the survey, click here: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/54861101/list/pets-make-us-wag-and-purr-too-says-new-survey

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