Are you doing everything you can to minimize the risk of a fire in your home?

And just how much can landscaping affect your property appraisal?

Get answers to these questions by listening to this week’s episode of the Ilyce Glink Show. You can click the audio link below to listen to the full show, or download the podcast via iTunes.


This week, I interview Lance Coyle, President of the Appraisal Institute, about some of the latest changes in the real estate appraisal sector. I’ll ask him about the advances in drone technology that could help property appraisers, and we’ll also discuss the extent to which landscaping can impact property value. A beautiful yard is always enticing to home buyers, but in the era of online home shopping, it can be the difference between a home buyer clicking on a listing or passing it over.

Next, I’ll answer a question about deferring taxes after a home sale. This is commonly known as executing a 1031 exchange, but that’s only possible under certain conditions. So I’ll explain whether the couple in question will be able to get that tax deferral and why.

Finally, I’m going to run through four fire safety tips from the home organization digital hub, HomeZada. These are just basic home maintenance reminders, but they’re also critical fire prevention strategies that absolutely every property owner needs to know. Make sure you stay tuned so that you’ll be able to identify all four of these potential fire hazards in your home and prevent a fire from ever damaging your property.

More About This Show

Glinkonomics Report [0:57]

What’s driving the boom in luxury real estate?

Landscaping and Your Property Appraisal [4:51]

Lance Coyle and I cover a range of topics related to real estate appraisals, starting with the latest on how property appraisers are faring in their efforts to leverage drones as property assessment tools. Then, we’ll discuss the importance of landscaping in the property appraisal process.

Q&A: Selling Property and a 1031 Exchange [16:50]

This question comes from a couple that owns two homes. They’re selling a house they’ve been renting out to tenants, and they’re looking for a way to minimize their capital gains tax exposure on that property. Under certain specific circumstances, a 1031 exchange (also known as a like-kind exchange or Starker exchange) could offer the savings they’re seeking. A home seller is allowed to defer capital gains taxes by replacing the property sold with the purchase of another property that meets the stipulations laid out in section 1031. But will this couple qualify? Tune in to find out!

HomeZada: Fall Is Fire Safety Season [20:05]

Home maintenance isn’t just about keeping a tidy home. Fire hazards can accumulate over time, requiring attention at least annually in order to lower the risk of a fire. The home organization experts at HomeZada came up with four fire safety home maintenance tips for the fall that might save you and your family from a house fire.

For HomeZada’s original story, “Four Fall Home Maintenance Tips that can Prevent Fires,” click here.