What do pools cost in 2022? When thinking about buying a home with a swimming pool, savvy buyers research pool costs before diving into the deep end. Here are some steps to take when researching pool costs in 2022.

Pool Costs 2022: Annual expense?

Q: I am considering purchasing a home with an in-ground swimming pool. I’m worried about the annual upkeep expense. I researched the cost for maintaining an in-ground pool, and it looks like I’ll spend between $7,000 to $9,000 annually.

I’m guessing that the Internet is probably not the best way to figure out how much this swimming pool will cost me. I want to be smart about this, so I wonder if you could provide additional information, research or your own personal experience? Thank you.

Swimming Pools Aren’t Common in the Northern U.S.

A: We don’t own a pool (inground or otherwise) and live in Illinois, where right now there is about six inches of snow covering our backyard. While some of our neighbors have in-ground pools or indoor pools, they’re not as prevalent as in warmer climates. And, different pools require different levels of maintenance.

Ask the Current Owners About Pool Costs

So the best thing to do is contact the owners of the home (or their agent) and ask. Or, if the homeowners are reticent to share that information, ask them which company they use to maintain their pool.

Find the Company Currently Servicing the Pool

Follow these steps to find out how much swimming pools cost:

  1. Ask the owner how much it costs to maintain the pool
  2. Ask for the name of the pool company that handles the maintenance of the swimming pool.
  3. Call the pool company to find out how much money the owners spend each year. The company may not want to tell you the exact amount, but a range will be helpful. 
  4. Ask the pool company what sort of expenses you’ll run into down the road. For example, if the pool is old and leaks, you may have to retile it at some point, which can be expensive.
  5. Ask about any extra costs if the house is located in a colder climate

Beware: Seasonal Pool Costs for Colder Climates

In colder climates, pools are closed down for the winter and it can be expensive to place them back in service for the summer. Sometimes these expenses can run in the thousands of dollars depending on the pool size and equipment. Once the pool is open and in use, you’ll have the frequent and ordinary expenses of keeping the pool in good condition and the water clean and safe for swimming.

Don’t forget the cost of heating the pool. Some pool owners use solar panels to lower their heating costs, others simply pay whatever it takes to keep the pool at a toasty temperature. Others heat the pool only when needed, or not at all.

The cost of having a pool varies widely based on location, the type of energy you use to heat it, and the size, age, equipment, amenities and mechanicals. If the pool is surrounded by trees and plants that shed leaves and debris into the pool, it may need constant cleaning.

You May Need Extra Insurance for your Swimming Pool

Finally, there’s the cost of insurance. You’ll need a homeowners policy that covers the pool and may want to consider a larger umbrella liability policy. You’re smart to think through the costs first, rather than diving straight into the deep end.

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