My 2023 Holiday Gift ideas for billionaires and everyone else


I surfed the Internet and found a few things I thought were just awesome gifts – if money is no object. I mean, what do you get your special someone who already has everything in the world? It would have to be a very special gift, something unique that few – if any – other people would have. You couldn’t have your better half walk into a room looking like everyone else, right? 

So, what in the world do you get the person who not only has access to everything but has an unlimited credit card and checkbook? Experiences are one good choice. Are there others?

What are some 2023 holiday gifts for billionaires?

Let’s start with a Himalayan Birkin Bag with real diamond hardware $750,000 

The world's most expensive bag: a 'Diamond Birkin' bag by Hermès | Vogue France


2023 Holiday Gifts for Billionaires – Tuscan Villa

There’s the Tuscan Villa for $5 million that was recently purchased as a Christmas Gift. Imagine the size stocking you’d need to fit that gift.


tuscan villa

Tuscan villa

2023 Holiday Gifts for the rest of us

If your kids are like mine, food gifts are a big deal. I had recommended the William Sonoma truffle kit, but when I went back to their website, it was sold out. But this one caught my eye. Their smoked salmon is legendary. Maybe this is a gift for you?

William Sonoma – Smoked Salmon Gift Crate

Smoked salmon trio


Cocktail smoking box – $250

And, for sure this is a gift you’ll want to give yourself – or someone in your household. WGN’s Lisa Dent said she tried a smoked drink recently and loved it. What about you? Do you like smoked drinks? This box looks big enough to try smoking a few other things as well. Would love to know what you make – please leave your drink recipe below!

Kyvol Robot Vacuum Cleaner – $120

If you give this gift for the holidays, you’ll have one happy family on your hands. Giving up vacuuming is one of the best reasons I can think of to cheer on the further development of Robots.

Cuzen Matcha Matcha Maker Starter Kit – $299

Finally, if you’re a fan of Matcha, you might like this. Personally, I think Matcha tastes like grass. Then again, a lot of people love that flavor. What about you? 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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