Home Buyers: Get Sellers to Cover Home Warranty

Home buyers should get sellers to cover their home warranty when buying a new home. Watch Ilyce Glink in today’s Real Estate Minute.

Here’s some more good news for home buyers. Many sellers are so desperate to unload their property that they will pick up the cost of a home warranty as a marketing tool.

A home warranty won’t cover structural problems, but it will pay to fix or replace any appliance, electrical or mechanical system that was working on the day of closing through the first year you own your home.

And since it’s a buyer’s market in many areas, sellers are using existing home warranties to try to entice buyers to purchased used homes.

Home repairs can be costly, so even with your home warranty, plan to put at least $3,000-$5,000 dollars in a home improvement fund so you have the cash for emergency repairs or regular maintenance.

Join us as we rebuild America, one house at a time, starting with yours.

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