Ilyce Glink Show – Rising Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate Investment – June 16, 2013

Ilyce Glink Show on WSB Radio: Will rising interest rates effect real estate investment, and should I buy investment property now?

On this week’s Ilyce Glink Show on WSB Radio, Ilyce discussed how mortgage interest rates are rising and whether it will have an effect on real estate investment.

Ilyce said buying investment property is still a good idea, even with rising interest rates. However, once mortgage interest rates get to 5 or 6 percent, it is going to be cheaper to rent than own. Right now it is cheaper to buy rather than rent. Ilyce suggests taking full advantage of real estate investments while interest rates are still low, because they are slowly going to rise.

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WSB Radio’s Ilyce Glink Show – June 16, 2013

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One Response to Ilyce Glink Show – Rising Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate Investment – June 16, 2013

  1. Kathleen Breslin says:

    Ilyse, I am an LLC w/2 Rental Properties. Do they qualify for a stepped-up basis upon my death. The LLC is inside a Revocable
    Living Trust w/20% going to each of 5 children.

    Do they need to recapture all the depreciation I have taken over the last 12 years? THAT IS THE QUESTION.

    THANKS, Kathy

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