ANCHOR: You’ve got just 12 days to file your federal and state income taxes. But that’s still enough time to get caught in tax scam.

ANCHOR: Money and real estate expert Ilyce Glink is here with the tax scams you’ll want to avoid. Good morning.

ILYCE: Pay just 49 dollars and you’ll never pay taxes again. Hey, you don’t need taxes withheld from your wages. And pay your taxes, win a prize! It all sounds so tantalizing. And yet, if you believe anything I’ve just said, you could find yourself falling for one of a bunch of new tax scams. Here are some of the most popular tax scams making the rounds right now.

SCAM: No taxes withheld from your wages.

SCAM: “I don’t pay my taxes, why should you?”

SCAM: African Americans get a special tax refund

SCAM: Pay the tax, win a prize!

SCAM: Untax yourself for $49.95

SCAM: “I can get you a big refund — for a fee!”

SCAM: IRS “agent” comes to your house to collect your taxes

ILYCE: What can you do?

To report Tax Scams:

IRS at 800-829-1040

Treasury Inspector General’s Hotline: 800-366-4484