Kids, clothes, jewelry, jeans and home? WGN’s Money Saving Expert Ilyce Glink tells how you can buy a house at the mall.

Studies have shown using a buyer’s agent helps home buyers save money.

But a new company, Home Touch, is hoping to not only save consumers money when they purchase a home, but when they renovate and sell as well as WGN’s Money saving expert Ilyce Glink explains.

Kids clothes, jewelry, and jeans. All the regular kinds of things you’d buy at a mall. But a new company, Home Touch, is hoping shoppers will consider buying a home at the mall, too.

“Well, I was walking in the mall and I saw the sign Home Touch and I had a question about what they provided and I met Cy and Cy told me that there are things they can do for people who are looking to buy homes, fixing them up, remodeling,” says Mae Espina, a Home Touch customer.

Home Touch wants to be your one-stop shop for finding, buying, renovating and managing your home. They claim to be able to save you money in all phases of homeownership because they have relationships with quality contractors and lenders. And despite being exclusive buyer’s agents, they say they don’t care if you buy a home.

“We had a situation in our Charlestown store where somebody came in and said I need to sell my house and I need to buy another house. What we found out is that they really wanted to stay in their house and we hlped them do a creative financing with one of our lenders. We got no money on the deal,” says Jim Toulon, Vice President of Home Touch.

But they may have a customer for life. Mae Espina says she is in the process of buying one home through the company, and has referred friends and her parents as well.

“I have two small children and for me to have just one contact with one person was a great help,” Mae says.

Home Touches uses an extensive consultation to determine whether someone really wants to buy, sell, or add onto their home. It’s the fine art of listening to the consumer.

“Our whole team approach, and our whole commitment and zealousness for customer satisfaction is to listen to what the consumer’s needs truly are and to help them,” Toulon says.

Hopefully buy a home for less.