Q: I have a Ford Explorer that I purchased in 1999 as a pre-owned vehicle. The vehicle is a 1997 model. I purchased the vehicle from Hub Ford as a vehicle which they had inspected and assured the buying public that was in good condition. I am sure they charge a premium for that too. Anyway, the vehicle recently died on me. Hub Ford ran diagnostics and advised it needed a new engine.

I do have service records that show all oil changes and maintenance where performed at Tune-Up Clinic and Kaufmann Tire. Having no other choice Hub replaced the engine with a new one from Ford this week. The car was returned to me thru 8th March. Last night Sat 10th Mar the car will not start/or even crank over. I have called Hub Ford and talked to the General Manager. He has apologized greatly and said he will have his Service Manager call me Monday about towing the car back to the dealership. As you can imagine I am fairly anger about this whole situation. The new engine cost $5200.00 and now is dead too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A: Did you buy the car with an extended warranty? Did it die after the warranty? Did the new engine/work come with a warranty? If your car falls within the warranty, you can try to go back and get the dealership to pay for it. If the car was still within its original warranty, you may be able to talk to Ford about helping pay this unusual cost for a vehicle that was maintained. If you feel the repair shop didn’t put in the new engine you paid for, you can file complaints with the better business bureau, attorney general’s office and the state.

Consider the possibility that your car is simply a lemon. Unfortunately, that happens, too.