Q: I co-signed a car loan for a person who turned out to lie and steal from me. I want to get out of the loan, so what can I do? The car salesman came to my house, had me sign the application without the information being there and then wrote up info with my ex-friend.

A: You need to speak to an attorney about what rights you have and whether you have legal options against your ex-friend and perhaps even the auto dealer. You should never mix friendship and money, and unfortunately, this may be a very expensive lesson for you.

As for the paperwork, read it. I’m guessing it says you’re on the hook for the cash. Until you get this straightened out, you should make whatever payments you have to to keep your credit clean.

Ask the attorney if you should file a complaint with the better business bureau and the state attorney general’s office, as well as the department that regulates auto dealers in Georgia.