Q: Thought you might want to book mark this great site for any other questionable internet sites.


A: Thanks: We’ll post your note on the site. Glad you liked the show!

Q: You said there was a web site that will register names with different endings such as “sport.” I would like to find that web site. Do you remember the name?

A: The site is www.new.net.

Q: I know that you specialize in home financing, but I really wanted to get your opinion about the internet access revolution. I thought that the free access that K-Mart, Juno, NetZero and other companies offered was a great idea. When it first came out I was cynical, thinking to myself, “What’s the catch?” but I registered for three free ISP’s, and though keeping a connection can be tough sometimes, I really like getting things free as opposed to paying for it. I mean, I don’t pay a monthly fee to listen to Clark Howard or FM radio, nor do we pay to watch ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX. I thought this was a great business model until I learned that Bluelight was restricting access to 25 hours a month and NetZero to 40 hours. I was also surprised to see these companies stocks are almost worthless! I studied economics in college, and I know a business exists to make a profit, but is this becoming an endangered species? Please advise.

A: These companies make their money through advertising revenues. If the eyeballs aren’t there, people won’t pay. And even if the eyeballs are there, sometimes companies won’t pay enough for these services to survive.

I think there will always been room for a “freebie” service. These companies, however, may not be the ones that make it. And I certainly wouldn’t invest in them.