Q. Should I buy a new home or invest in a Fixer-Upper?

A. New construction means everything is about as perfect as it’s going to get. These days no matter what the price range, you should be able to customize your new home to some degree, take advantage of options and upgrades, and choose your own colors and carpet.

You also get a home specifically designed to your needs. If you require a home office, for example, most new-construction house plans feature a first-floor space that could function as a separate home office.

Your newly constructed home should require almost no maintenance. (Why? Everything is new.) So if you’re looking for a house that’s about as maintenance-free as can be, new construction might be perfect for you.

When you buy new construction, however, your home will appreciate only as fast as the general area. If you are looking to build in value, you’ll probably want to choose a fixer-upper home.