According to the NPD Group, more than 60 percent of consumers look for better credit card deals each year. And this week, when credit card bills from December are causing January migranes, credit card companies tend to launch their new programs.

Barclays Bank recently announced that it is issuing a new credit card that connects to US Airways. If you fly frequently on US Airways and are looking to build up miles, this might be an interesting credit card to own (although it gets expensive after the second year).

There are loads of benefits for signing up: You’ll get 15,000 miles on the first use or initial balance transfer. You’ll earn a mileage bonus of up to one mile for every dollar transferred up to $10,000. The card is offering a 50 percent mileage bonus for purchases in the first year, and 3 miles for every dollar spent on US Airways. In subsequent years, that falls to a 1:1 ratio for dollars spent and 2:1 for every US Airways dollar spent. If you spend more than $25,000 on the card, you’ll earn 10,000 preferred status miles, and the card is free for the first two years ($79/year in year 3). There are other benefits as well.

Starting February 1st, cardholders can participate in the 50 Cent Fare promotion. For a limited time, you can fly on US Airways for 50 cents each way. Go to for details.

Remember, every time you sign up for a new credit card or credit account, you’re adding to your credit history. That can be a good thing. But hanging on to the same credit card for 15 years (and not carrying a balance) is better. Check out the ThinkGlink website for information on how to raise your credit score. And watch out for my new ebook on the subject – coming soon to the ThinkGlink store.

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Jan. 23, 2006