Dear Ilyce: I wrote you a couple of weeks ago about your 12DailyPro comments on the radio. Apparently the “scam” has collapsed. Soon after my email to you, the company that pays out for them ( suddenly stopped payments. People are blaming Stormpay and not 12DailyPro. has a heated thread talking about it. I think you were dead on in thinking this a Ponzi scam. Some people in my hometown lost several thousand dollars that they put in at the last minute.Thanks for your great consumer advice.Jim

Thanks for the feedback, Jim.

I’m sorry that some people have been bilked, but this is the way it goes with a scam.

Remember, the first people who get into a Ponzi scheme usually make money, typically a pile of dough.

But eventually, the music stops and someone (or a lot of someones) are left without chairs. They are the ones who really suffer.

Thanks for writing, and for tuning into the radio show.

Feb. 21, 2006