I spent most of last week in Atlanta filling in for Clark Howard on the Clark Howard Show on NewsTalk 750 WSB.

Being in Atlanta is always a great time. WSB Assistant Program Director Condace Pressley and I checked out AIKO, the hot sushi club in Buckhead on Friday night. My Sunday show producer Crystal Wheeler met me for a drink at the hotel after that.

But the best part about being in Atlanta (other than the weather which was fabulous this week) is getting a chance to just hang out in Studio 1, and see everyone in the newsroom.

My thanks to everyone for a great week: Crysta DiBiase, Joni Alpert, Kimberly Drobes, Kevin Dankowski, Alan Hunt, Deborah Reese, Karen Greene, and Crystal Wheeler. And a big THANK YOU to Todd Mark who hung out with me in the studio Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you have credit questions, find him at www.cccsinc.org.

Okay, time to go on the show. I hope you’ll tune in.

Published: Mar 12, 2006