Here are some of the topics and information we discussed today on the Clark Howard Show:

IRS E-MAIL SCAMS: Watch out for these. They look legitimate, like they really were sent from the IRS. The logos and graphics are pretty good. But, it’s a scam. The IRS will only contact you by email if YOU first emailed them and asked a question. If you filed electronically, you’ll get an email from the company you used to do the filing, like TurboTax. You won’t hear back directly from the IRS. Watch out for this scam. If you’ve received one of these emails, call toll-free 800-366-4484 or go to

FREE LUNCH SCAMS: The SEC announced that they are now going after the so-called “free lunch” scams that target seniors. These scam artists invite seniors to a free lunch, then get them to sign over their investments. There are high-pressured sales tactics. If a senior you know seems to be going to these free lunch sessions, put a stop to it. You could stop them from getting scammed!

We learned today that term insurance companies are now selling “RETURN OF PREMIUM” policies to individuals. Good idea? Maybe, but you’ll pay 20% more.

If you want to check out whether your car has any recalls, go to or (You can check out all kinds of recalls at

Mar. 27, 2006