I’m back from Amelia Island Plantation, where we enjoyed the beautiful beach and pretty warm, sunny weather. The best part of the trip: The $140 r/t per person airfare on Air Tran. It pays to book early.

That airfare is nice, but airfares are going up. I’ll be talking about the increase on the show this morning.

And when it comes to Energy Star ratings, you might NOT be getting everything you paid for. A new investigation from SmartMoney (www.smartmoney.com) found that the Energy Star label is little more than a marketing gimmick. I’ll weigh in on this as I start off the show.

Thanks to everyone who sent me 100s of emails last week while I filled in for Clark Howard and then later in the week while I was on vacation. If you were one of the nearly 3,000 people who opted in to complete the special WSB Survey, thanks.

Well, time to sign on to the show. www.wsbradio.com is how you can tune in. I hope you will.

April 2, 2006.