As I was on the show this morning, I found myself getting pretty annoyed with the whole ENERGY STAR program. If you really want to save money on your energy bills, you may need to do an energy audit from an inspector with the right credentials. I had one done a few weeks ago and while I wasn’t surprised at what the inspector found (actually, I was surprised to find that my windows don’t really leak), I was pleased to see how much money I should be able to save each year by simply taking on a few home improvement projects: Fix the insulation, caulk, and close off an open area in the basement.

But what makes me feel good about this energy audit is that it’s governed by science, not something made up.

Want to learn more about building science? Check out the Building Performance Institute (,, the Energy & Environmental Building Association (

If you’re thinking about hiring someone to do an energy audit of your property, look for someone who is a certified building analyst. Right now, there aren’t a lot of people in Georgia who can help. Most of the BPI certified contractors are located in the northeast of the country. But, keep looking. It’s worth it.

April 2, 2006.