My friend Leonora spent all day cleaning her house. It’s Easter Sunday, not a particularly big deal in her household, but still, it’s a Sunday and she works full-time. I understand completely. My house is a mess from too much company this week. And while I’d like to be cleaning it and putting everything in the dishwasher away, I’d rather catch up on my reading — or my blogging.

But wouldn’t it be great to simply have someone else do the dirty work? Keep the house in tip-top shape so you always knew where to find everything?

I ran across this post about how it might actually be less expensive to hire a housekeeper than get divorced from all the fighting the author apparently does with her husband about housework. I laughed at this for about five minutes.

Then, I started playing around with the numbers. The author says that housekeepers in Portland, OR, earn $20 to $40 per hour. At that rate, $41,600 to $83,200 per year, I think the author might want to consider quitting her day job and becoming a housekeeper. Then, she can hire someone else to clean her own home.

What do you think?

April 16, 2006.