I’d love for WSB listeners and ThinkGlink.com visitors to put their comments about social security numbers into the blog for discussion. It’s easy to post. Here’s what one person had to say about it:

“It isn’t just Medicare that broadcasts the SSN. The VA Medical System relies upon the Social Security Number for Medical Record tracking. Every enrolled Vet is familiar with the question; “What is your last 4?”

“Every Enrolled Veteran in the VA Medical System carries a VA Medical Benefit card with their picture and their full Social Security Number embossed on it. This card must be carried at all times when obtaining Medical Care through the system.

“The magnetic stripe on the back of the card is ‘swiped’ through a reader at the Lab for printing of specimen labels and is used throughout the system to determine eligibility when accessing specific services. There are Millions of Vets carrying around this Federal Government Issued ID with their Social Security Number prominently displayed.

“This is why the VA Laptop breach was so invasive. Please add this to your Crusade.”

June 19, 2006.