Hey, Folks. I’m back from London. And, a little late in posting for the show this morning. But, here’s a look at what talked about today:

I talked about how the BEST deal you can get on your money when traveling abroad is from an ATM machine. In London last week, I used an ATM machine, and got a great exchange rate — $1.82 — just what the pound was trading for, plus a $2 fee. Very cheap. If you’re traveling abroad, get cash from an ATM machine. It’s the best way to go.

Today’s show was a real estate show. I don’t know why, but nearly everyone who called wanted to talk about 1031 tax free exchanges, buying new homes, selling and using brokers, whatever. We’re still having problems posting the shows, and we’re now about 3 months backlogged, so I can’t tell you when the show will be available on the site, but hopefully soon.

Finally, I’ll be on the Clark Howard Show starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks, filling in for Clark as he takes his annual 2-week summer vacation. I’ll be on the air 1-4pm EST Monday through Friday, from July 10th through July 21st. We’ll be talking about all kinds of different consumer issues. I hope you can join me.

July 9, 2006